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Shoulder joint pain

When you're suffering from joint pain, a hip or knee replacement may be necessary in order to help you live a free and active life. Adam Kennedy, M.D. can help you get your life back. Our surgeon works with both pediatrics and adults to give them lifelong pain-free care. We are dedicated to providing you with the professional help you need.

We know how painful joint pain can be. Ask us for a same day appointment for fast care!

If only some of your joint is damaged, our surgeons may choose to only repair or replace the damaged parts. If the entire joint is broken, a total replacement is necessary. We will remove the diseased joints and insert the artificial joints or implants.

Ask us for joint repair treatment

  • Minimally invasive joint replacement

  • Total hip replacement (THR)

  • Total knee replacement (TKR)

  • Unicondylar (Unicompartmental) knee replacement

  • Revision knee replacement (RKR)

  • Revision hip replacement (RHR)

Get the best joint replacement:

When two or more bones are connected by cartilage, a joint is formed. This cartilage helps protect and cushion your joints allowing smooth and low-friction movement. Once the cartilage becomes damaged, the tissue can be inflamed and cause pain. Over time, this can cause the bones to rub against each other!

What causes your joint pain?

Are you suffering from joint pain?

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